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Now 47, Kahn is a fourth-generation leader of the company, which includes the fashion lines Emily West, Bloome and Sweet Heart Rose, as well as Dollie & Me and the Madame Alexander Doll Company.Kahn spoke with Reuters about keeping a family business thriving, generation after generation.Body Construction Cissy began her life as a 20″ doll, but starting in 1958 was described as being 21″ tall.She is made of hard plastic with vinyl arms, and is jointed at neck, hips, waist, shoulders, elbows and knees.She carries a plush Cookie Monster wearing an apron and chef's hat.She also comes with a plush baking sheet with cookies on it which is not pictured.Some of the later dolls were issued with one-piece (non-jointed) arms.Her hair colors include blonde, ash blonde, brunette or redhead, and her hair is styled into elegantly coiffured wigs.

When your best friend calls and asks you to come work with him, you think about it. I worked on some factory floors, learning from the ground up. A: A family business has to be run as a meritocracy and as a business, not a ‘family’ business.

These pack neatly into the cardboard "trunk", which is decorated on the outside as 123 Sesame Street, and has Bert and Ernie looking out the window.

It was available with either a Caucasian (model 39080) or African American (model 39082) doll.

In 1960, however, she took a back seat to the new “Playpal” type dolls, and was missing from the catalog altogether, although she was still available and was also being advertised under other names.

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Cissy has been reissued in recent years in many glamorous outfits.Q: You worked with your dad for years before you took over the company. A: My mom is very humble and she has always impressed upon me – as has my dad – the importance of living within my means. Q: Your family foundation mixes with the philanthropy of the company. A: We’re very involved with a bunch of organizations. It is a kit to give parents what they need to create an outfit for a girl, with instructions. On those cards they make you fill out about travel, it asks have you been in certain counties – for a while, I had to say yes.