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12-May-2020 10:36

Facebook and Twitter have become a way of communicating freely and easily, especially among young Palestinians, for political purposes as well as social.Hopefully online dating gains acceptance and popularity among Muslims in the area - thanks to technology, our social circles have expanded and we all are afforded more opportunities than ever before.The site’s features are fairly standard but there’s nothing innovative or unique about them.You can view who is online at the same time as you, which is one way to save time by avoiding having to work your way through dead profiles, but generally you’re likely to find that the online members live in a land far-far away. Its design is old fashioned, its features are basic, its searches do little to offer any realistically-viable dating options.It's only right that this extends to a person's love life.Lava place is an international dating service that's popular with women and men from Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and the United States.It’s not necessarily difficult to navigate but at times it’s simultaneously a strain on the eyes and a bore to behold.Members’ photos range from acceptable to terrible, though most are clear enough.

Primarily, the site looks poorly designed, with long sprawling lists of place names and links to pages, all of which are underlined and in a bland colour pallet.

There were few results and even then a number of the members seemed inactive.

An international dating site needs high membership numbers otherwise all of those members live too far away from one another to bother using the site regularly.

Daters must abide by Shari'a rules, which means communication between members must be with the intent to marry.

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Though Islamic scholars have dismissed online dating in the past, the council stated that the mingling of men and women online was now "a central characteristic of our time" and "unavoidable." This opens the door for many Muslims to date outside their social circles and provides more opportunity for meeting people than ever before.Its price is relatively low, but not particularly good value.