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“But if he doesn’t want you to, [listen to how] he explains his reason why, because that can show some other signs of what he’s going to be like.

Is he controlling, rigid, the powerhouse or just a sweetie pie who just wants to kind of love on you and take care of you?

And one in four men and women consider a bad credit score to be a roadblock to the relationship progressing to marriage.“When you see that someone has a good credit score, and is managing their money, that starts to build a profile of dependability, of someone who is stable,” says Becky Frost, senior manager of consumer education for But you’re also taking a risk that it won’t, a factor that many couples neglect to address.“We see a lot of couples who don’t have these conversations when they first move in together because they’re hard to have,” says Rhoades. Does he live paycheck to paycheck or does he have a sizeable retirement account and six-month emergency fund? For some people, a comfortable nest egg is enough money in the bank to pay for rent and groceries for a month. Share with him how you save and together figure out a plan that works.“Talk about your money, talk about your finances, talk about how you have been saving until you met each other and how you want to start saving together now,” says Rosenberg.

“Those are all good things when you’re looking for a relationship partner.”This is about more than sharing a tube of toothpaste. “But it’s a conversation that’s clearly important: If the relationship ends in six months, you have to sort out who’s taking what, who is going to cover the lease. “Talk about how we are going to not only invest this money, but how we are going to spend this money and how we are going to share this money.”How should you divide your money?

Having already taken a vacation together and had some serious conversations about their student loans and spending ability, it was easy for Jill Jacinto, 28, of New York City to ask her boyfriend about his credit score.“I was conversational about it,” she says.

“I told him I had checked my credit score, and it was amazing.

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It’s not legal, it’s not binding, it’s just their own little thing where you come up with all the agreements on how you want to live your life and experience it financially.”By writing things down, you can agree together to what money should be shared, what money should be kept separate, how those accounts will be funded and what that money should be used for.And others say, “I can pay my own way, thank you,” so let’s split the bill.

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