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Angelus Shaughnessy, executive director of the Pittsburgh-based Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers. He said, ‘If you can't say it in 10 minutes, you don't need to be bothered with it,'” she said.

Shaughnessy said he had never met Sweeney before that December Mass at Holy Family but “he was very gracious to me and kind.” Sleith said she went to Sweeney for confession and found him to be “very lenient, very fair.” As a preacher, he was succinct. Michalene Lovato, religious education director at Holy Family, worked closely with Sweeney over eight years.

His work is controversial, portraying the Second Coming as a late corruption of Jesus' message and saying that Jesus' divinity is metaphorical.

While contemporary scholars see more value in noncanonical gospels than past scholars did, Crossan goes further and identifies a few noncanonical gospels as earlier than and superior to the canonical ones.

In 1965 Crossan began two additional years of study (in archaeology) at the Ecole Biblique in Jordanian East Jerusalem. the announcer that neither should exist between humanity and divinity or humanity and itself." This is laid out more or less fully in The Historical Jesus in one of the appendices.

You could give your opinions, and he would listen and you would come to a consensus,” she said. Mary Parish in Freeport, Armstrong County (1982-85), St.The children loved him, and he loved them,” Lovato said.“If you talk with any of the children or their families, they would emphasize what I'm saying.Barbara Sleith of West Newton said she worked with Sweeney as an officer of the Confraternity of Christian Mothers, a lay organization that promotes the Christian education of children.

“He provided spiritual support and a sounding board for us to express different activities,” she said. Anything we would do, he would have to approve of.” The Holy Family chapter marked its 50th anniversary in 2014 with a special Mass celebrated by Sweeney and the Rev.

In God and Empire: Jesus Against Rome, Then and Now (2007), Crossan starts with the presumption of reader familiarity with key points from his earlier work on the nonviolent revolutionary Jesus, his Kingdom movement, and the surrounding matrix of the Roman imperial theological system of religion, war, victory, peace, but discusses them in the broader context of the escalating violence in world politics and popular culture of today.

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