Dating a man shorter than me

28-Jun-2020 02:56

I asked her once how they dealt with the height thing when they first started dating, and she responded that it was always a non-issue, because "he doesn't think of himself as short!

" I thought that was a great response, and really true in this instance.

Something about being nearly the same size (luckily I did not outweigh him, he was fit and fairly muscular).

I also dated a guy who was 6'4" and basically it was ridiculous.

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We finally got to the point where she just said the issue was our height difference.She was the source of an inferiority complex I had about my 5'11" height through my teenage years.I'm not sure if it was in reaction to this, but my husband is 5'7" and the most wonderful husband and father in the world (IMO).It bugged him when I wore 3" heels, and I ADORE wearing them. Any shorter men care to share how that would make you feel? How do I talk casually about something if I don't know how he views it?

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It may be that it's a sore spot or it may be no big deal to discuss.But I'm so glad we took it slow because he's really blindsided me with how much I really like who he is, how smart he is, how funny he is - - I'm knocked off balance because I didn't see it coming.

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