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18-Apr-2020 22:18

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In a study on jealousy, Japanese men ranked the least jealous and Brazilian men ranked as the most.

In a study on friendship Japanese ranked their “best friend” as being closer to them than “a lover.” A study of women in Europe, Japan and the Philippines asked them to fill out forms that measured their experiences of passionate love.

The survey is conducted every five years to grasp singles' attitudes toward marriage and relationships.

The latest survey, the seventh of its kind, was conducted in June last year, and analyzed answers from about 7,000 people among some 10,000 respondents.

Before that boys and girls were kept separate in school and had few opportunities to socialize. The idea of dating was introduced by American servicemen who arrived in Japan in large numbers after World War II and began dating local girls.

This coincided with a diminishing role of Confucian values which required children to do what their parents told them (in this case agreeing to an arranged marriage) and allowed them to pursue their own desires.

It is not unusual for a pair of women to walk down the street holding hands or for men to embrace one another and arm.Women from all three places said they felt love with the same level of intensity.