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16-Jan-2020 13:55

The lighter the actress, the more beautiful she is considered.

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She exclaims that in her youth, she would pray to God for fairer skin and would bargain with him that if he would grant her this one wish, that she would stop stealing sugar cubes.

If children are taught the truth of their ancestors, a deeper sense of cultural acceptance can be awakened, because they will no longer be forever escaping the shackles of slavery but instead be aspiring to the greatness in their own heritage. Societies, including India and Dubai, where skin colour is heavily dissipated, suffer mass subjugation of dark-skinned people who are affiliated with the lowest cast and can only attain jobs in the lowest ranks of manual labour.

Countries such as India still utilise casting systems which pit the 'fairer-skinned' people as higher casts and associate them with beauty and intelligence - as seen in every Bollywood movie.

What needs to happen is that children, of all races, need to be educated properly.

People in general tend to accept the notion that pre-colonial Africans were barbaric with no social inclination until they were 'taught' how to live by the white man.This prohibits the pursuit of their dreams, due to a belief that the shade of their skin bridles prosperity.