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13-Apr-2020 07:12

You may have noticed that last week, I didn't share a "weekend cast" with you.To be completely honest, my mind has been occupied with a zillion, and yes, I do mean zillion, little details."Making love, in our country specifically, has to be very much planned," a young Indian man, who wished to remain anonymous, told Seeker."You have to pick out a day, you have to pick those four or five hours of the night, cook up a story, like you're going to your friend's place." He and his girlfriend have experienced first hand the headache of trying to get some alone time amongst India's very conservative society."They [Stay Uncle] have basically turned into a sex industry. It's not so black and white for many unmarried Indian couples, and the success of Stay Uncle shows that attitudes towards dating are changing in the country."Romance is all about physical intimacy after a certain level [...] you can be all romantic, but you have to express it, and cards and gestures, you know, there's only so much they can do.

Chandra Prakash is the president of Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, one of the oldest political parties in India, and he is very opposed to the idea of physical intimacy before marriage. If you are truly in love, then get married first," he told Seeker.

The country has seen many instances of self-proclaimed "guardians of Indian culture" carrying out attacks of vandalism in defiance of PDA, and just last year Mulwani police raided a hotel and took more than 40 couples down to the police station.

The couples weren't doing anything illegal so they couldn't be arrested, but they were verbally harassed by officers and some of the younger ones were forced to call their parents and explain what they had done.

"I prefer living in a society wherein people are doing what they want so it creates a whole kind of happy ecosystem," Sethi told Seeker.

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CMO Blaze Arizanov added that the motivation to start the company really came from hearing all the stories of couples trying to conduct relationships in secret and risking their safety.Because our weekdays are so jam-packed with activities, Brandon and I started to think about a way to spend time together outside of dinner/in front of the tv/ in bed falling asleep.