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22-Jan-2020 15:29

I dont know of any place paticular that they hang out. Where Im from they have a place like that a guy that was a fire fighter opened it up..gone over real good.

the divorce rate here is horrible for cops and firemen. if you want a real man.....a construction worker...know how to work a real job!

Four minutes later, another helicopter pilot also warned that he didn’t think the second tower could last much longer.

Most of the police officers in the North Tower heard those warnings and were able to evacuate.

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“A real woman isn’t about the drama or playing games,” he writes.

I think that they used to frequent there, along with the Paragould force too. If you don't find a nice man in uniform, you may find a handsome farmer. Anyway, it got sidetracked due to someone running cops in specific down.

I don't like that, because I think that they are some of the best men that I have ever known.

I guess I must be married to an exception, as my hubby is a JPD here and he has never cheated or abused me.

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I also happen to think that he has very awesome friends/coworkers.He has some wonderful (single) co-workers that I think very highly of.