Compare and contrast radiocarbon dating and thermoluminescence

12-Mar-2020 01:04

Even among social and physical scientists, there are numerous misconceptions about the radiocarbon method of dating; among journalists and the general public there are of course many more.But among specialists who frequently make use of the test, it is not considered as a method which produces an "absolute date" for every sample that can be measured.There is consensus now that, had the testing been allowed, it would have been the cause of great controversy regardless of the results.Yet Gove, in urging the release of the Raes samples, wrote that "at long last, the Shroud of Turin's true age will be established in the near future." Before considering the recent proposals for dating the cloth, it is useful to survey the major problems routinely encountered in the field of C-14 dating.

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) border (possibly treated to prevent unraveling, and certainly more subject to contamination than the main body of the cloth).

The first proposal to date the Shroud was submitted in 1979 by Gove and Harbottle (published in Sox 191-167).