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The oils oxidize and go rancid so quickly that the only safe place to store nuts is in the freezer.

(This is why I no longer buy hazelnut oil, whose flavor I love; it has usually been pressed in France, and by the time I get it the oil has gone off completely.) You'll have far better luck if you buy unshelled nuts rather than shelled ones, because they resist oxidation longer.

Turkish and Oregon nuts, I found, had the highest proportion of wood flavor, Piedmont the highest proportion of hazelnut flavor. It would quickly succumb to eastern filbert blight, he says.

You can make your own comparison, buying Oregon nuts from a local store—or mail-ordering them from a reliable company such as Gahler's Hazelnuts, to ensure that they're fresh. But Farris has worked on blight- and cold-resistant hazelnut varieties that have great flavor and loose skins, and he wouldn't mind at all if Oregon growers used them instead of Barcelona, which has "a woody old kernel and a thick, ugly shell with a kind of pubescent fuzz at the apex—it hasn't got anything I'm interested in." Farris has his eye on other wet temperate regions that he thinks would be ideal for hazelnuts: he describes the Appalachian region between Bristol, Virginia, and Knoxville, Tennessee, as a kind of latter-day Fertile Crescent, and dreams of using them like the mighty almond in Hershey bars. Bezzler wrote the essay below which compares two shopping experiences — the experience of shopping in an old-fashioned American downtown and the experience of shopping in a modern mall. Don't forget to address the questions that follow the essay.

The clusters look like beaten-gold oak leaves and acorns in Greek jewelry; I expect Martha Stewart to be gilding them soon. Also, the skins of Piedmont nuts come off more easily after heating (skin adheres more or less tightly by variety), something that is crucial for candymakers who want to use whole nuts. But the almost pungent taste of hazelnuts—which is much more assertive than the taste of almonds—is easily obliterated by a minute or two too long in the oven.

Best to roast the nuts in a slow oven, 325 degrees, for about ten minutes, just until you begin to smell them and they color very lightly.

Eliminate things that don't pair off well and seem irrelevant to our comparison.

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Circle the elements that seem to pair off and draw lines between them.

or have we actually accomplished something important?

have we provided a unique insight into the nature of these two things that the reader would never have discovered otherwise?

But then, of course, you face the chore of both shelling and skinning the nuts. Most are of a variety called Barcelona—handsome round nuts practically as big as macadamias and with nearly as little taste.

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The risk with any hazelnut is a kind of dead woody flavor along with the characteristic one. The Piedmont variety would probably have great difficulty growing in American soil, according to Cecil Farris, an amateur botanist I discovered through the Internet who claims to have one of the world's most diverse collections of hazelnut genetic material at his home, in Lansing, Michigan.

Since the 1950s, American shoppers have been spending their money in suburban malls instead of in downtown business districts.