Chrome not updating mac

12-Feb-2020 00:48

(especially since as I said, I'm not good with computers, and I'd probably just screw everything up and lose all my stuff). Google Chrome on Windows and Mac auto-updates itself on a regular basis.

chrome not updating mac-8

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If you're doing web development, there's an option in the developer settings to disable the caching of assets entirely while the console is open to facilitate the rapid reload of new resources. I have this issue from time to time myself, especially when I am making lots of changes, I find clearing your browser cache works best, unless you have specifically set up some sort of caching.

When it's active, same story: I get my new server; when disabled, my old redirection comes along. Cheers from Berlin and thanks in advance In case some of you have the same problem: In my case I had to change my Mac's (all machines) DNS server, flush DNS cache and also flush Chromes DNS cache.