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22-Jul-2020 18:24

If you are going to popular clubs, just go with the flow. She might get frowned upon, passed on that promotion she has been waiting for, or as they say it here, be ‘’criticised’’ for her behaviour, we would say disciplined. If you enroll in the class then you will be after teachers, which are 99% female.But here is the thing: in clubs there is more chance you will end up with a foreign girl than a Chinese one. Of course, if you two get married, things will get easier. Downside is there are more foreign students than teachers. The goofy, clumsy foreigner and his big nose trying to make one simple sentence is ultra-cute in every Chinese woman’s eyes. If you are not keen on exploring new cultures through books, you might wanna spread your own culture. These kinds of jobs are all in the evening, and if you are coming from English speaking countries, especially US and Britain, you will get a job in no time with a nice pocket money and a professor title, which always works with Asian girls.If you are the only foreigner in the company, you will get a green light by many girls in your offices. But until you do, get ready for a bunch of office-work related problems. But hiring a tutor gives you an opportunity to audition and it is cheaper than most language courses. China is without a doubt, a country with rich and long cultural tradition and you have come a long way to be here for whatever reason. Only problem is that in China, most of the workmates will not approve of your relationship, and bosses will not like it too, especially if you are working for a state company. So, why not kill two birds with one stone – learn something and find the woman of your dreams. You will be the only foreigner there, and all of the students will be almost all female. Even, Chinese biggest urban dumps have a bar of that sort.So, even if you are stuck for work in some small town, you will be able to find it.A whole lot of stereotypes have to be dealt with in this case.

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Safer bet is to go to one of the exclusive bars in town.

You do not want to mess with local officials’ or local ‘’businessmen’s’’ girls.