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How she struggles with finding someone and the pitfalls of online dating is so well written and hilarious!I love her style of writing, It is like I am hanging out with a friend.Like her earlier novel, this memoir is peopled by fully-realized human beings, both women and men, who are by turns weak and courageous, despicable and generous; no heroes or heroines, nor blameless victims, nor mustache-twirling villains.Nor are there quick and easy self-help solutions: Cathy does not get a makeover, a new wardrobe, and a frontal lobotomy and immediately find the love of her life; nor does she halfheartedly embrace a bitter compromise.Readers are witness to the play-by-play of her setbacks: failings of various dating services, the unfavorable demographics of Pittsburgh's dating scene, her now seemingly irreversible choice of profession over family.Momentary reflections on the lives of her relatives and the role they play in her life are heartwarming, but so short-lived that they seem nearly accidental.And, no, guys, you'll find no feminist rants here, no man-hating or man-baiting.The most refreshing thing about the book, considering its subject matter, is its almost total lack of ideological or gender-based rancor and its refusal to indulge in victimology.

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What I love most is that she does that almost impossible thing: she offers us a realistic ending that's also filled with hope.So one would not think that I would even countenance reading a book such as this.However, after hearing a radio interview with the author, I was moved to check it out, in part because I, like Ms.Instead, she finds her own core and an unknown strength of character with the help of her loving family and friends and the virtues she's learned from her sports heroes.

She comes to terms with the past decisions she's made, and finds grace and meaning in her present life, without earth-shattering calamity, divine revelation, or Oprah.

Indiana native Day has a way with words and successfully incorporates quotes from classic sports movies and legends in her personal story.