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In Newfoundland, after two years of living together in a conjugal relationship, a couple can be considered common law.In Nova Scotia, a couple must live together for two years before being entitled to any possible spousal support; they would not be permitted to claim property, including a family home or car.It’s unlikely that a common-law couple that decides to split will deal with spousal support, but it is possible, depending upon other factors.Much like in marriage, spousal support is not automatic, but is given only when one party is seen as entitled to it.

Ontario Justice Harvey Brownstone said there is no registration in his home province.

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"There are no legal perks in terms of the legislation," said Robert Teitelbaum, a Quebec lawyer specializing in family law.

"Perks like sharing in the Quebec pension plan are possible, or certain contracts for insurance purposes about beneficiaries…

This week on CBC Live Online, host Lauren O'Neil speak with experts about the patchwork of marriage-like designations for common law couples across Canada. However, the notion of living "common law" is a complicated one, and its meaning varies greatly across Canada.

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