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01-Dec-2019 10:55

This is just another dangerous tool that these criminals can and will use to trap innocent internet users.This just adds another layer of deception to the Romance Scam, thus making it a little harder to convince the ensnared Victim of a Romance Scam that it was all a lie and not real, as they (the entrapped victims) will claim that the Avatar did talk to them, held up cards, waved while they were chatting and knew about the special places around his home town and even had cybersex with them so they have to be real and not part of a scammers program or game. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner.

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This program also has programed in demographically information into it data base so the Scammer can manipulate the questions to seam more real as it gives basic information about the region and city that the Decoy (scammer) is portraying to be from thus making them more believable.

Also it mines basic information from the Targets (victims) social websites and demographical area allowing the decoy (scammer) to talk with more knowledge of the target and his (or her) home town and region.

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There are many ways to enjoy cyber sex today, from text based chat rooms, to web cam video, and even virtual 3d avatars and virtual sex worlds. There are endless possibilities and tons of people and places to find them.

There are other tricks that are built in to this software such as the use of sports team memorabilia and signs that are designed to draw the target in to the trap of believing that this is a real person that they are chatting with.