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I am not sure whether the difference in behavior is a function of the age difference — or whether the younger men I observe are simply a friendlier, inoffensive lot. He dramatically reenacts choreographed dances from Bollywood movies when Indian songs play; he throws his arms around the neck of his much taller friend, who is wearing a black imitation Armani Exchange shirt, and they bellow out songs together.The young woman demands the young man pick her up and spin her around the room again, and he obliges.

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“Unless concerted action – led by the government and aided by all sectors of the government and society – is taken soon, we risk the return of another cycle of violence and radicalisation, which will further deepen the chronic poverty that afflicts Rakhine State”, said Kofi Annan, Chair of the Advisory Commission on Rakhine State.He describes Yangoon’s “karaoke girls”– young women from poor families who make a living offering affectionate company for the evening."After one year of consultations held across Rakhine State and in other parts of the country and the region, the Advisory Commission submitted its final report to national authorities on 23 August.The men claim to be sexually experienced, but further discussions reveal that many remain virgins until marriage.

For women, there is even more pressure to be chaste. Cohabitation and sexual activity before marriage are taboo, and it is expected that men and women date briefly en route to marriage.

The report recommends urgent and sustained action on a number of fronts to prevent violence, maintain peace, foster reconciliation and offer a sense of hope to the State’s hard-pressed population.