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Thus, these eight sites are known as “The Eight Great Places” or Attha-mahathanani.These four sites are Shravasti, Rajgir, Sankassa, and Vaishali.This Stupa was originally authorized by Emperor Ashoka the Great in the 3rd century BCE.Read more There are numerous pilgrimage Buddhist sites in South East Asia and Eastern Asia.Thus, these important places are deemed most important since these places had experienced some of the great events of Lord Buddha.Thus, four sites are most worthy of pilgrimage of Buddhist followers and Gautama Buddha is said to have identified these four sites most worthy and these sites are called Four Most Important Pilgrimage Sites. But in later Buddhist tradition, other four sites were given a special status since these sites had experienced some certain miracles by Lord Buddha.Sri Dalada Malagawa is believed to hold the left upper canine tooth of Lord Buddha.

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In the 1st century BCE-1st century CE, Buddhism became an iconic religion (see ), and one of the earliest representations of the anthropomorphic Buddha is found on a gold token or temple coin from the Tillya-Tepe necropolis in Bactria (Fussman, 1987, pp. Buddhist Gandhāran art spread not only to Afghanistan but also to the south of Central Asia and Xinjiang and created several schools across this vast territory.And Ashokan Pillar is one of the main attractions of Vaishali and the reason behind this pillar is that it got statue Vaishali is one of the Eight Great Pilgrimage sites of Buddhism religion. Vaishali holds great importance according to history of Buddhist tradition.

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