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It wasn’t until the release of the 20 anniversary DVD in 2002 that I was provided with an opportunity to finally watch it, thanks to my fellow nerd and friend loving the film enough to actually get the 2-disc set.

While I don’t recall exactly when we actually got around to watching it, I do remember the emotion that ran through me upon getting to the middle part of the movie: Complete and utter boredom., in which all the characters but Homer dismissively inform him that they’ve never seen the film, took on a whole other layer for me.

The film definitely deserved at least a nomination, you know? I’m probably exaggerating the number of times I actually watched it, and though my memory is fuzzy, I’m fairly certain I probably fell asleep at certain times, too, but that was definitely only after I’d already seen the film in full, so I had, in fact, seen it all the way through in one sitting on more than one occasion.

Its uniqueness also extends to the film’s electronic soundtrack, composed by Wendy Carlos. It probably wasn’t until the film’s sequel, however, that I think I finally started to come to grips with the original film.

It wasn’t that this was just a long forgotten film.

This was a long forgotten film that probably deserved to be long forgotten.

To say that finally getting to watch was a disappointing, empty experience for my high school self, despite the earlier warnings I’d had, would be an understatement.

In 1982, video games were played in public arcades.Olivia Wilde, 31, and Garrett Hedlund, 30, will reprise their roles in the next Tron film, according to a Tuesday article from The Hollywood Reporter.