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This is because every inch of the vehicle is obsessively engineered, built for speed ands finely tuned.Ferrari, the famous Italian Car Company has made a name for itself among the car enthusiast and sports people all over the world.They maybe supercars, but that does not make them invincible to faults and flaws.You want to hire your Porsche or Aston Martin from a company that takes good care of its cars.They truly deserve the name luxury cars, because riding in them is nothing short of luxurious.

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The engine of the car also produces 800 to 850 horsepower with an rpm of 9000 to 9300. The stock and racing cars can be classified into several categories.The stock and racing cars are automobiles which have been modified from its original factory configuration. The degree to which the racing cars normally conform has changed over the years from one country to another.Fortunately,a set of regulations governing the design of the cars ensures that the engine, chassis and suspension of the vehicles have excellent design and architecturally similar to all the racing cars.World renowned and historic Italian car manufacturer Lambourghini is known to make some of the fastest and most stylish cars in the world, including many Fomula race cars that we enjoy watching every week. The lambo limo definitely packs on extra layers of luxury.

However just like many people are surprised to see that Mercedes Benz makes taxi-cabs and moving trucks, many people might be surprised to know that Lambourghini also makes limousines for the uber-luxurious weddings or trips to the night club. It always amazes me how the ridiculously sleek look of a lambo, or the bold look of a Hummer, can be magnified so much by transforming it into a stretch limousine. If you take a look at the picture below you’ll notice how ridiculous they, and imagine seeing them in person, and speed down the highway! Well, while it may appear that some limo buses have that lambo style, many just have the lambo style doors.

However, the key intentions of the cars nearly have identical specifications. Pure stock racing cars This is one of the classes of the stock and racing cars which consist of street vehicles which can be purchased by the general public. Super stock racing cars The super stock types are nearly identical to the pure stock. Its output power usually ranges from 500 to 550 horsepower; this is approximately 373 to 410 kilowatts.