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21-Nov-2019 22:56

For six months, I went along with Dirk’s three-bowls-a-day schedule.

At first I’d text him times to meet up, until I found myself waiting for texts.

What happens in the bedroom stays there, and we’ve made sure our laws protect and defend that position.

And our progressive attitudes toward sex in particular are no doubt buoyed by the annual influx of more than 250,000 college students on their own missions of self-discovery. Beginning in the 1980s, Boston’s Fenway Health implemented radical public health initiatives to treat the HIV/AIDS community and encourage open discussion of sexual practices, a critical cultural change that helped stem the spread of the disease.

What makes us so uniquely suited to lead the neosexual revolution?

Like good New Englanders, most of us prefer to leave our neighbors well enough alone.

I go over to their fucking gorgeous house in Scituate, and it’s just us three; all of a sudden he rips the shower curtain off the shower and throws it on the ground. And I thought the guy was going to kill me—because when do you see a shower curtain on the ground when someone doesn’t get whacked?

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Since I’d been gone, a new breed of farmer-plaid-wearing queer hipsters had appeared on the scene.When he brought me back to his dorm, I met his friend Dirk*: a doughy Rust Belt guy with a weed habit and a top score in .A beta male is the ultimate nondemanding boyfriend: He’s never competitive and doesn’t mind your focus on work or school.And they wanted nothing to do with this past-his-prime Old Yeller.

Gay culture’s emphasis on youth is no secret, but I thought maybe it was the self-doubt of being recently single that was working against me.Our enlightened attitudes have paid off big: LGBT individuals now make up nearly 5 percent of the metro area’s population, while the state is home to more than 21,400 transgender adults.