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23-Nov-2019 00:40

Ok Cupid cuts out some of the brunt work with more in-depth profiles, so you can scratch the three-hour creep sesh, rest assured.Each profile includes a section stating dating preferences (even a casual hook up) and asks a series of questions users can answer.Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @Viewthe Vibe…Vv Magazine is the new and improved extension of View the Vibe.We strive to give you great stories with different perceptions, opinions and viewpoints while also covering the latest trends in food, fashion and beauty.Do it on the streetcar if you must, but there’s no reason to feel shy about looking for love on your i Phone.Everyone’s doing it — even some of us right here at Vv Magazine.

After all, Tinder was originally just Grindr for straight people.When you decline a match, you have the option to give a reason why, which lets the dating app make better match suggestions tailored to your interests in the future.The app is more suited to the romantic at heart than it is those just looking to get laid, so it’s perfect for those who already write “looking for a serious relationship only” in their profiles.With Happn, you can see all the eligible users within an 800-mile radius and connect with them by sending a charm. Your profile saves every time you’ve encountered one another, so you can either message them (if the like is mutual) or the next time you bump into each other you’ll just “happen” to look hella fresh.

Ok Cupid Dating App While swiping-based on looks alone is all good and dandy, if you’re a more serious online dater, you’d probably prefer to know a little more.That said, the app prides itself on helping to make unconventional romances more socially acceptable, so why not embrace your new lifestyle?