Bernice chan dating liu moses Sex chat in palm bay

11-Feb-2020 05:58

"I admire him because he's young, yet successful," said the actress. Bernice replied that the media might "have to ask him instead".However, the actress claimed Moses Chan and her "have always been friends" when she was asked if her rumoured beau was jealous of the reports, which mentioned Bernice dating behind his back.Bernice said, “I’m not familiar with [TVB’s] ratings, because they don’t broadcast in mainland, but I’m very happy with my [career’s] direction right now.” Bernice’s ex-boyfriend Moses Chan, who is dating TVB colleague Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), hinted in an earlier interview that he plans to tie the knot with Aimee very soon.

Former TVB artist Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) took a few days off from her hectic film schedule in mainland China to attend a press conference by Milon Wine in Hong Kong.In the mean time, thank you very much for visiting and it would be great to help us spread a word. Rumored couple Moses Chan & Bernice Liu paired up again as a couple to attend to an opening ceremony event for Armani Exchange.