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I have never felt anything like this before and struggle to comprehend as previously unfelt or forgotten emotions begin flowing through me, released by the trigger of the music.

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I was given the top floor and told I could stay as long as I needed.

Stretching her arms down at her sides, she tenses her hands open, as though receiving or absorbing some invisible energy.

For a moment I think she might never move, need never move even, so strong is the spell she has cast over us.

He told me everything I would ever want to know about the ancient Roman settlement over the road, and how one of his cousins had been a Fascist and the other a Republican, but they never let politics interfere in family life. 'You will see Granada, and it will change you for ever.' And he pursed his moustachioed lips momentarily before downing his camomile tea. Be khappy.'The exact origins of flamenco are uncertain.

He spoke of the haunting beauty of the ancient statue of a woman's head that had been found in the nearby town of Elche. The -eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are often cited as the period when it started to take shape, but the Roman poet Juvenal referred to Cádiz girls in Rome - puellae gaditanae - who performed dances with bronze castanets in the time of the emperor Trajan.

The jasmine had been trained over the years to create a covered sanctuary where we could sit away from the intense midday sun, half-intoxicated by the perfume circling around us.