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04-Dec-2019 21:19

This profile can be copy/pasted into Sim C's "Simulate" window or into any text editor and saved as a file.

This addon eliminates the need to log in and out repeatedly to update the armory in order to re-import your character through Simulationcraft's GUI, speeding up the process significantly.

If your character’s gear, stats, or anything else isn’t updating right on our site, don’t fret!

The armory API is going through a lot of changes and might not be working quite right. To do that, click on the orange robot mini-map icon, or type /amr show in the chat window.

Click the orange “Import” button at the bottom of that window.

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Additionally, you can visit the public forums at and find helpful solutions as well as post your issue there.

If you think you are encountering a truly unique problem not listed on our site or in the forums, please go to our Support Page and submit your log file and a brief description.