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She felt violated by the images of her that were circulating who knew where, and anxious about what might come next. It was “one of the worst moments of my life,” she said later, hoping that help was coming but instead “having to lift up my son’s shirt and show them my son’s body to make sure he had no bruises.” When the detectives asked for her phone number, she realized she didn’t remember it—she had just changed it in an attempt to evade the endless calls.

She found herself sobbing in front of the detectives.

In a report, the officer noted that, while Courtney and Steven insisted that his role was obvious, Zonis’ name barely appeared in the folder full of printouts and CDs that they had with them.

The officer assigned them a case number and advised them not to have any more contact with Zonis.

But no—the detectives were investigating another anonymous tip.

There were so many calls to the dental office where Courtney worked that the receptionists started to keep a log: “Called and said, ‘Put that dumb cunt Courtney on the phone,’ ” one of them wrote in neat, bubbly handwriting.” Instead, dozens of voicemails poured in: “Do you think I’m ever going away? “Now that my private investigator went and got all the tax information?There’s no job either one of you guys can have that I won’t know about and be there.”The Kent police officer who took the Allens’ statement seemed unsure of what to make of their story.Republican Senator John Mc Cain said recently that large Hispanic populations in his home state of Arizona and elsewhere are listening carefully to what Republican candidates have to say on immigration.

In urging the court to hear the immigration case, Arizona says the administration's contention that states ‘are powerless to use their own resources to enforce federal immigration standards without the express blessing of the federal executive goes to the heart of our nation's system of dual sovereignty and cooperative federalism.’Among the blocked provisions: requiring all immigrants to obtain or carry immigration registration papers; making it a state criminal offense for an illegal immigrant to seek work or hold a job; and allowing police to arrest suspected illegal immigrants without a warrant.

He “appeared appropriately attached to his mother and Detective Lorette and I had no concerns.”But Courtney’s concerns were mounting. The message included the car’s vehicle identification number.