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22-May-2020 10:22

This only collective vibe that is palpable after this piece of teaching is relief that she is going to play another song.Deferred Gratification may be Di Franco’s only nod to parenthood, being the mother of two children with husband and long-time producer Mike Napolitano.

Heavy with deep reverberation and soulful vocals she has set a standard for the evening’s entertainment.The crowd is a female heavy mix, as a vocal feminist and as female song writer who has explored politics, the differences in generations and sexuality with a candid and personal viewpoint this comes as no surprise.It is a chatty and friendly crowd who take their seats and settle down for the show.The dual motif of caregiver and empowered, released woman seems to resonate with the audience and the song is pierced through with approving yelps and calls of appreciation.

On enigmatically themed Napoleon Di Franco tells a story which has had fans guessing who the subject of the song is.“We’re doing a folk music thing”, jokes Di Franco, “and that means getting together all the folks.” The spectrum of musicians on stage creates a funky mix on number Which Side Are You On?