American soldiers scams on military dating sites Direct online sex chat without any registration

16-Jul-2020 12:18

Bottom line, NEVER send a deployed Soldier money or high-dollar value items, especially if it is to be sent to an address anywhere in Africa.

All deployed Soldiers have an APO, AE, or APO AP mailing address.

RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL I was talking to Frumpy and there are some cues that made me suspect my scammer very early based on my time around the military and my military friends.

This is just from a dating perspective and some others here who are actually military members may wish to add to/expand on these thoughts - but here are some "tips" and/or warning signs: 1) If someone is still AD (Active Duty) at 48, they are either a) an officer, b) they entered the military late or c) they spent part of their career as NG or Reserves. 2) if someone is 48 (enlisted) and has 20 years and they are only an E5 (especially in the Army) either a) they spent all of their time in trouble, b) they are lying.

CID warns that these fake soldiers' promises of love and devotion only “end up breaking hearts and bank accounts.”According to CID, the pretend heroes sink so low as to be using the names, ranks and even pictures of actual U. soldiers - some killed in action -- to target women 30 to 55 years old on social media and dating web sites.

Victims who who get worried and ask to actually talk to the fake soldiers are typically told the Army does not allow them to make phone calls or that they need money to "help keep the Army internet running." Another common thread, according to Grey is for the "soldier" to claim to be a widower raising a child or children on their own. Army Criminal Investigation Command recommends: Never Send Money - "Be extremely suspicious if you are asked for money for transportation costs, communication fees or marriage processing and medical fees."In addition, be very suspicious if the person you are corresponding with wants you to mail anything to an African country.

A Red Cross Message is the only way a deployed Soldier will return in cases of a family emergency.

The Soldier’s chain of command will get the Soldier home if a valid Red Cross Message is received.

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but I would like to add a few other tips maybe most already know, maybe some dont just trying to help. D.s look more like a mug shot not a handsome face, they are face shots and the person in the id will probably have very little or no facial hair.A few things things to look for in a military scam: 1.

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