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Sign: Middle Finger Occupation: Independent Pharmaceutical Distributor Likes: 9mm’s, Extra Beefy Burritos, Moon Lit Nights, BJs Dislikes: Rip-offs, Snitches, Yoga, Alex Trebek Contact Info: P. Box 756 Caddo Correctional Center, Inmate #12589, Shreveport La. between 7pm – 4am Nightly Name: Shelton Jackson Lee Sign: Gemini Occupation: Independent Film Maker Likes: Professional Basketball, Pretending to be an Important Cultural Icon, Looking Angry and Agitating White Folks Dislikes: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Referees, George W.Name: Janette Pace Sign: Aquarius Occupation: Massage Therapist Likes: Walks on the Beach, Mad Dog 2020, Elephants Dislikes: People from Outer Space, Lunar Eclipse, Dumpster Truck Drivers, Flying Bricks Contact Info: Alley behind The Ace of Spades Bar-B-Que, 121 West Morton Street, East St. Name: Leroy Jerome Bates (aka ‘Little Pee Pee’) Sign: Sagittarius Occupation: Rap Artist Extraordinaire Likes: Big Booty, Rainbows, For You to be My Baby Momma Dislikes: Hangers-on, Kanye West, That Bitch at Walmart, Satirical Bloggers. Name: Latisha Cameroon Sign: Virgo Occupation: Horizontal Bop Technician Likes: Cash, Bling, Weaves, Strip Poker Dislikes: Undercover Cops, Horny Circus Clowns, Jim Carey Contact Info: Corner of Albert St. Bush Contact Info: [email protected]: Professor Lilly Mc Donald White Sign: Aries Occupation: Adjunct Professor of Black Womens Studies, Smarmy College, Vt.

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This entry was posted in The Social Media Website Black people and tagged, both obama's rejected, New clientele, conservative blognetwork, Jim Campbell's Wethepeople. In fact, it's never been my intention; I'd just like to find someone who will respect my religious and cultural traditions and, ideally, be open to learning about them and the role they play in my life. (Maybe I just want to stamp out discrimination one love match at a time. ) My parents have been together for almost four decades, being an inter-racial and inter-cultural couple themselves. says, "I think when it comes to religion, if you are a devout believer in a very specific philosophy you should probably stick to zealots of the same stripe, it just avoids the eventual philosophical conflict and the big fight that ends in you discovering the other person doesn't actually respect your beliefs." I've dated other Jews before and it feels "safe." You don't need to worry about major clashes in religious beliefs, and you have been brought up learning common stories and legends. This also would likely lead to increased open-mindedness between family members and children.The teacher claims she’s been constantly harassed by students who have been taunting her with racist foolery.

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A black teacher in Arizona is suing her school claiming that students harassed her and turned her job into a “nightmare.” Students at Ahwatukee’s Desert Vista High School allegedly posted videos online of themselves tapping Dr.And as for getting my hair & nails done, it may not be necessary but it’s something that men certainly enjoy seeing. Women take a lot of time getting ready than men (between hair, makeup and the like) so not only does it cost us more money, we lose more time preparing for the date.

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One of my most amusing discoveries that day was the argument that when forensic anthropologists identify someone’s race from nothing but a skeleton, all they’re really identifying is the region the person’s ancestors came from, which is totally different.… continue reading »

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