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They later found their mother's journals but were confronted by the manor's owner.

The old woman then realized who the two boys are and revealed that their parent's used to work for her as their mother was a historian and their father was an explorer.

Inside Burnes' cell, Nate discovers a cross of Saint Dismas engraved with Digna factis recipimus.

Sam suggests that the cross points to a cathedral in Scotland named after Saint Dismas; it is also where Avery was last sighted.

At a young age, their mother committed suicide and by the age of five, Nathan and his brother Sam were relinquished custody by his father to the state.

As a result, the brothers were placed into the Saint Francis Boys' Home Years later, Sam was kicked out of the orphanage due to criminal activities he committed.

Nathan, who was left at the orphanage after a fight with a fellow orphan, runs away from the orphanage when his brother returns with a lead to whom their mother's effects were sold to.

They arrived at the location where Sam had tracked their mother's effects and infiltrated the building.

The old woman then proceeds to give Nathan their mother's journal, believing that he and his brother could finish their parent's work before passing away shortly afterwards.

The warden, Vargas, takes Nate to the old Spanish prison tower where Joseph Burnes, Avery's shipmate, was imprisoned.

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