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28-May-2020 18:47

Enter Paul and Audrey Safranek (Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig), a listless couple with limited upward mobility and plenty of financial strain.

He’s an in-house physical therapist at a meatpacking plant, but he coulda been a somebody; she’s plain bored.

“Downsizing” sizzles with comedic invention throughout its first half.

Payne makes skillful use of his visuals budget, offering a number of wry compositions that mix big and small in the same frame, trotting out a number of winning cameos, and relying on Stefania Cella’s expert production design to detail a world that feels both overly familiar and slightly off.

As the film goes on, it moves from caustic consumerist satire to a more measured consideration of an underclass that would emerge in whatever new utopia with extra thoughts on the value of religion and bureaucracy, and then it zigzags again, as Paul, Ngoc Lan, Dusan and Joris head to Norway to meet original scientists behind shrinking procedure, who offer a dire prophecy about the fate of the world.

Our perspective hitched to such a passive lead, many of these new developments and ideas come in the guise of long speeches, never the most electric narrative technique.

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Intentionally so, as Payne and screenwriting partner Jim Taylor write Paul as the ultimate passive actor, the of go-along-to-get-along.Though they can’t afford that stately Mc Mansion in Omaha, NE, they greener! And so the married divvy up their belongings to make the fateful step.That is, until a left-field twist throws a wrench in their best-laid plans.The several hours that world-famous and Oscar award-winning director Alexander Payne spent in the Greek city of Egio were enough to completely change his life, reports the Greek online edition

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In May this year, he visited the town of origin of part of his family at the invitation of the local municipality and together with his mother Peggy the director attended an event in his honour.

And like Judge’s 2006 dystopian comedy (which feels less and far fetched each passing day, as the meme goes), “Downsizing” is rife with witty visual touches and inspired comic premises but never quite comes together as fully successful whole. In some not-so-far-off future, forward-thinking Norwegians have discovered a way shrink objects down to 1/12th scale and have embarked on a global campaign to convince us that it’s time to “get small.” Undergo the irreversible process, they argue, and you too can prevent the imminent ecological and economic effects of overpopulation.

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