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On December 7, 2015, AKATSUKI once again approached Venus and the Venus orbit insertion was successful, whereby a westward equatorial orbit with apoapsis of ~440,000 km and orbital period of 14 days was initiated.Now that AKATSUKI’s long journey to Venus has ended, it will provide scientific data on the Venusian climate system for two or more years.So you want to know what the Akatsuki thinks of you ehh? Ok ur on the set of Konoha's dating game hosted by Konoha's very own perv: JYRAIA!!!!!! Sorry, Kakashi i cant sign your copy of Come Come Paridise now, because this beatiful young lady came to see which Akatsuki guy she is destined to be with!

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LAC is a high-speed imaging sensor that measures lightning flashes and airglow emissions on the nightside of Venus (Takahashi et al. In addition to the photometric observations mentioned above, radio occultation experiments obtain vertical profiles of the temperature, sulfuric acid density, and ionospheric electron density with high resolution (Imamura et al. For this particular experiment, the spacecraft has been equipped with an ultra-stable oscillator, which is identical to the one on Venus Express; thus, comparisons of the results from the two spacecraft are possible.

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, but at the time we had no information on a date we could expect the title – thankfully however, that’s no longer the case.

AKATSUKI’s long, elliptical orbit around Venus is suitable for obtaining cloud-tracked wind vectors continuously in the low- and midlatitudes.

With these instruments, we expect to be able to characterize the meridional circulation, midlatitude jets, and their various wave activities.) with four narrowband filters from ultraviolet (UV) to near infrared (IR) made similar observations, but as Venus Express was in a polar orbit, it could not track the cloud patterns appearing on Venus.