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Given the popular media coverage of Second Life, it would have been easy to focus on these sensational residents, but the closer study of more mundane characters such as Susan and George provides valuable insights.

Boellstorff shows that although Second Life culture has its own unique nuances, for the majority of residents it is no more surprising than societies based in the physical world.

There are of course some downsides, including the fact that all of the more advanced features won't work properly.

But your account will still have access to those, you just won't be able to use them through the light version of the app.

Boellstorff's portrayal of a virtual culture at the advent of its acceptance into mainstream life gives it lasting importance, and his methods will be a touchstone for research in the emerging field of virtual anthropology.

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During the period of Boellstorff's study, June 2004 to January 2007, the population of Second Life grew from a few thousand to several million, with important software upgrades along the way.

Technology moves quickly, and the society portrayed in Coming of Age in Second Life may change in the future.

To prove that virtual worlds are cultures in their own right, Boellstorff conducted all his research from within Second Life, using the ethnographer's toolkit of interviews, focus groups and participant observation.

The code powering the app is slimmed down, and it also can't receive big files like photos or gifs, meaning that those things won't tax your data connection either.

For similar reasons, and because it was originally envisaged as a tool for emerging markets, it has been built to run on as many devices as possible.

Unlike other studies that take an outside perspective, he made no attempt to make real-life contact with his fellow residents.

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Some may argue that it is not possible to understand a person's virtual life without knowing their actual-life history.

When Linden Lab, the software company behind Second Life, pondered whether to introduce voice communication to the platform, in addition to the existing textual chat, it provoked widespread riots within the virtual world.