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Bringing fault-based grounds into your divorce might have major ramifications on other areas of your divorce, like child custody.It’s important to discuss your strategy with a family law attorney before making any final decisions. Loughborough However, there’s some good news for the couples of Craigavon, Northern Ireland, as they are said to be the most faithful town – only 0.04 per cent of the population are playing away from home.Modern psychologists understand that divorce is one of the most stressful experiences a human being can endure.Unless otherwise indicated, all content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

In other states, the courts are allowed to explore the reasons for a divorce.

They have to be living “separate and apart” (meaning, living in separate residences and no longer behaving like a husband and wife) or else the court can’t order alimony.

There are four kinds of alimony in West Virginia: In many states, the judge decides the amount and duration of alimony by applying the facts of the case to a list of factors written into state law. The West Virginia Legislature has given judges a lot of discretion to make decisions about alimony, and has not restricted them to a specific list of factors that have to be considered.

Livingstone came in second, with 2.05 per cent of the population cheating, after the site registered 1,152 affairs there – also making it Scotland’s least faithful town.

The others making the top five were Maidenhead in Berkshire, Taunton in Somerset and Runcorn in Cheshire. The paying spouse is sometimes known as the “obligor,” while the receiving spouse is known as the “obligee.” Judges can alimony to be paid all at once (known as “lump sum alimony”) or in regular, periodic installments (for example, one payment per month).