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13-Dec-2019 11:32

I got offers, at least between 5-10 daily, but they all (men, in my case) were either fresh out of the insane asylum, married trying too cheat, or just total losers!They all lie, never once had a man give it too me straight, or be real.And all the connections you supposedly had well they all of a sudden disappear. Looking for a relationship don't look on AFF all you'll get is played like a piano.And if your looking for NSA or FWB all you'll find are sleazy hookers. Having a right good time on AFF, takes me back to my membership days when I was shagging more than ron jeremy in his prime lolz!Also tried be Naughty and Casual Sex Only but didn't really score using them. Last but not least don't believe the pictures they give you until you see the real person in the photos and don't expect to hookup with any supermodels.If you like the average looking girl next door you will be fine though.Just thought I'd add my two cents about AFF: Joined a few months ago and met some nice girls on AFF.

Ladies, I don't recommend aff, unless you want a man nobody else wants either!!

I found this to be a waste of money and one massive scam.

Lots of adds, replies to messages were fishing scams and profile views were only from Korea and China. Let me say this first I did get laid on Adult Friend Finder. But when I compare it to other sites I use (I use lots but lets take as an example) I just think that the balance between chatting to girls and actually screwing them or even meeting them is a bit skewed.

There is a mountain of women on there from aldershot. But it does work and if you prepare yourself for 10 times more chat than actual sex then you'll do just fine! Granted it doesnt hurt that Im into kink and the swing lifestyle as well as being a bit more open minded than most.

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If youre shy in person or concealing your sexual orientation you might want to work on that first. Men should pay for a membership in order to use the whole functionality but it is sure worth it. If u know how to communicate and if you are decent looking you will do fine although imo 50% of the female users are time wasters. Been a member on here for almost two months and if you work on your communication skills you will also do fine. I stayed on aff for approximately 2 months, and just could not withstand anymore!I'm being a lil' more generous thank usual with this as I hookup up with a girl recently, but aside from that it's a bit meh.

Avoid silly trinkets, like little figurines/key chains/etc. Rule of thumb: Get personal and creative to show that you still care.… continue reading »

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