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The Home Office type approval does not state that these speed devices need to be calibrated.

The rail routing outward will be by way of Birmingham, Nuneaton, Leicester, Nottingham and Newark to Lincoln, whilst the return will be slightly diferent. to ) In December 1981, Lincoln Councillors visiting their German twin town, noted the Christmas spirit embodied in a children’s ride and a few stalls selling seasonal fare, laid out in the town square.

ACPO are quite clear that this desire to have devices calibrated is NOT a condition of type approval.

Cameras are serviced by the manufacturer on an annual basis and part of that service includes a calibration check for which the manufacturer provides a certificate.

Configuration and control of the Average Speed Enforcement System takes place at the station where the system is remotely controlled.

All the roadside and controlling equipment is serviced on a bi-annual basis ensuring that integrity standards and legal requirements are met.Acceptance of that conditional offer does not entitle the offender to all of the evidence.