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27-Mar-2020 11:43

Chances are, at some point, you’ll want to include images, downloads, or other digital assets along with your text content.

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In the “typical post” section you can see how to define categories.

Just use the dedicated Liquid tag as follows: These basics should be enough to get you started writing your first posts.

When you’re ready to dig into what else is possible, you might be interested in doing things like customizing post permalinks or using custom variables in your posts and elsewhere on your site.

The Goliath of search engines, of course, is Google.

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So it’s no surprise when prioritizing which online listings to pursue, experts often recommend starting with the free-of-charge Google My Business (GMB).

Each post automatically takes the first block of text, from the beginning of the content to the first occurrence of , or anywhere else having html tags along with the content is not desirable.