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As well as what they reveal about the historical and contemporary contexts of Indigenous Australians, so too are we enlightened as to the broader attitudinal and practical milieu in which considerations and responses to the needs of Indigenous social and emotional wellbeing occur.

The following review aims to describe aspects of the social and emotional wellbeing of Indigenous Australian people and elements of the Australian contexts in which they live.

By Darren Garvey Darren Garvey is an Indigenous professional with experience as a recipient and provider of services aimed at addressing the social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB) needs of Indigenous people, and as an academic involved in the training of Indigenous and non-Indigenous professionals in providing such services.

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A number of general and significant trends are identified in this review, but the diversity of Indigenous Australian experiences - both historically and in a contemporary sense - need to be acknowledged, as does its implications in considerations of competent and appropriate service provision .Various professions were generally supportive in their comments [2] [3].

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