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26-Jun-2020 23:33

"For us, this creates unnecessary stress." In a posting on its front page, Whirlpool on Sunday night informed ISPs that resorted to threats would lose some or all of the privileges they enjoyed on the site, such as moderation rights or even removal.

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"If we were a big publishing house, I could understand the demand to speak to lawyers," he said.It is not known if any other members of this family also came to Australia.So if anyone has any knowledge of any of these names, I would be very grateful indeed.Sweeney denied the entire notice had been posted in the forum.

"The user who posted the thread had set up an 'alert' system on ASIC that emails them whenever anything gets posted about companies they are interested in," he said."They posted the contents of the alert, but not the contents of the document - which was not available for a couple of days as ASIC takes a while to scan them in." "We are, or were, a very popular ISP and we are the only ISP that does not have moderator rights in the top 10 of the Whirlpool forum," Rose said.