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09-Jun-2020 07:41

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… According to David Raup, one result of this episode is that `geology has a curious moral authority over astrophysics'… [emphasis added] (Brush, 1989, p. The first widely-accepted rationale for radiometric dating of the earth was put forward by T. 172), meaning that the presumed age of the earth for biological evolution had to be consulted before radiometric dates could be selected to "confirm" this old age.

…[It] is hard to imagine how the Earth could be much older than the Sun [emphases in original] (Robbins, 1988, p. Indeed, this rationale for dating the sun has been commonly acknowledged: "The Sun's age was measured at 4.6 billion years by dating planetary matter" (Hartmann, 1991, p. Hartmann has worded this statement in such a way as to imply that evidence from outside the earth confirms the sun's old age, but this statement is misleading, for in context the "planetary" material to which he refers is nothing more than the rocks of the earth. This supposes that the supply [of the sun's energy] is maintained by the conversion of gravitational energy into heat owing to the gradual contraction of the star. The energy obtainable from contraction is quite inadequate in view of the great age now attributed to the sun (Eddington, 1926, p. And why did Eddington view solar contraction as insufficient to supply the sun's energy output over the sun's lifetime? … The age of the older rocks [of the earth] is found to be about 1,200 million years.

… The sun, of course, must be very much older than the earth and its rocks (Eddington, 1929, p. The evolutionary ages of the oldest terrestrial rocks have expanded since Eddington's time from 1.2 billion years to some 3.8 billion years (Milton, 1997, p. Two generations ago, physicist and science popularizer George Gamow described the same dependence of solar dating on the evolutionary age of the earth: "Our sun is now only about 3 or 4 billion years old…" And the reason for this age? … One day a molecule arose that … was able to make crude copies of itself … life had begun. Proceedings of the fourth international conference on creationism, pp.

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