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The happy couple welcomed a son the following summer.4. Son Tae Young The I Am Sam actress surprising pregnancy brought so much joy to her boyfriend Kwon Sang Woo in 2008; that he was dying to marry her. She was 28 when she got married and gave birth to their first child. After dating the lovely cello major for almost four years, they wed in October 2006. Which celebrity makes you just a little green with envy?Ricky Kim In 2007, the I Need Romance actor met musical theatre actress Ryu Seung Joo, while they both worked for the Christian humanitarian organization Compassion. Park Soo Jin After only a few months of dating, the Flower Boy Next Door actress was engaged to superstar Bae Yong Jun. She and her hubby are now parents of a boy and a girl. Jung Suk Won He dated singer Baek Ji Young for three years before he decided married life was for him. The Rooftop Prince actor and his wife welcomed their daughter into the world in May. Soyul It only took one and half months of dating for the former Crayon Pop member's boyfriend to propose to her. They married in 2009, and now they're the proud parents of three children (two daughters and a son). At the age of 29, she walked down the aisle and officially became Mrs. There are some people who are important to date even if you never end up together.If a guy insists that every single ex of his was "crazy," aka one of those especially annoying adjectives people too often apply to women for dubious reasons, it's time to look at the common denominator: him.A friend once told me he purposefully hung onto his cruddy black futon because he figured it would broadcast the "I'm not an adult who is ready for a committed relationship" message on his behalf.Everyone has that ex they wish they could launch into outer space, but most people also have exes they feel fine, or even fond, about.

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Please update this to complete the sign-up process. The decision is not to be taken lightly, and some South Korean celebrities are up for the challenge very early in life.It's normal to be sexually incompatible with people, and it doesn't mean either of you is in the wrong—deciding to go your separate ways is actually pretty mature.He takes faking it till you make it to a new, catastrophically douchey level.He'd make an incredible Vegas buddy, but an incredible boyfriend? It's swoon-worthy when a dude adores the woman who gave him life, but it becomes problematic when things get into mama's boy territory.

If she doesn't like you, you're either getting booted out of his life, becoming a secret he hides from his family, or turning into a major source of tension.

Flakes are only good when they are made of gold and speckled throughout a bottle of champagne.

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