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A part of the ethno-linguistic Bengal region, it is bordered by Bangladesh in the east, and Nepal and Bhutan in the north; it shares borders with five Indian states: Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Sikkim, and Assam.The state capital is Kolkata (Calcutta), the seventh-largest city in India.Ancient Bengal was the site of several major janapadas. The British East India Company cemented their hold on the region following the Battle of Plassey in 1757, and Calcutta served for many years as the capital of British India.The early and prolonged exposure to British administration resulted in an expansion of Western education, culminating in developments in science, institutional education, and social reforms in the region, including what became known as the Bengal Renaissance.A hotbed of the Indian independence movement through the early 20thcentury, Bengal was divided during India's independence in 1947 along religious lines into two separate entities: West Bengal – a state of India – and East Bengal – the part of the newly created nation of Pakistan that later became Bangladesh.Between 19 the state was administered by the world's longest elected Communist government.

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The eastern part came to be known as East Bengal, and the western part came to known as West Bengal, which continued as an Indian state.

In 2011 the Government of West Bengal proposed a change in the official name of the state to Poschimbongo (Bengali: This is the native name of the state, literally meaning western Bengal in the native Bengali language.

Kolkata is known as the "cultural capital of India".

At the end of British rule over the Indian subcontinent, the Bengal region was partitioned in 1947 along religious lines into east and west.It consisted of several janapadas, or kingdoms.centuries CE, the kingdom of Magadha served as the seat of the Gupta Empire.